Natural Vase: Eggshell Spring Floral

eggshell vase spring floral idea

With winter well behind us, it’s time to start thinking spring. Nothing welcomes the colors of spring into your home the way fresh flowers do. The vibrant colors add cheer and fun to your decor. Arranging your flowers in a new and unique way can be a challenge. Today we are taking advantage of nature’s […]

Industrial Chic: Galvanized Pipe Vase

galvanized pipe vase DIY

If you are like me, you are probably ready for the beauty of spring. Flowers will soon be blooming everywhere and you may be looking for new and inventive ways to bring some of the outdoors inside. Today we have a simple vase project that will add some industrial flair to your tabletop. With just […]

Valentine Round Up

valentines day roundup

The sweetest day of the year is just around the corner. We have a few new things to share with you in the coming days, but before we do check out some of the Valentine’s Day projects and recipes we have featured in the past 3 years. Here’s a sample… Here are a few posts […]

Home Basics: Vases

vase ideas

Fresh flowers say ‘home’ like nothing else. You don’t need to be a floral designer to bring interesting arrangements into your space. Further, often times the vessel plays an equally important role in the overall look. Choosing something that brings out the colors of the arrangement or adds some interest can take your flowers to another level. But where […]

Two for Tuesday Tips: Quick Floral & Cleaning Your Laptop

quick tips

Our first tip today is a backyard bouquet. Bringing flowers inside is one of those things that makes your house a home. Purchasing flowers can become costly and sometimes time is an issue. If you are looking for a quick solution, take a trip around your yard and grab some materials you already have. Our […]

Flower Power: Easy Valentine Floral

valentine floral diy craft

With Valentine’s Day just a week away, we thought it might be a good time to bring you a floral post. Giving flowers for Valentine’s Day is very traditional. Somewhere along the way roses became the flower of choice.  Many florists know that and jack the prices up to outrageous levels. I submit that most Valentines wouldn’t […]

In Bloom: Fresh Summer Floral

fresh summer floral ideas

Nothing brings on the flowers like summer.  They are popping up everywhere you look.  But don’t let that be the end of your enjoyment.  Be sure to take some inside to brighten up any room. Today we offer up a couple of ideas for adding a little zing to your summer floral design.  To make […]

Flutters By: Butterfly Garden How To

butterfly garden diy

The past two days have been wild at our house… literally.  We had squirrels (naturally), snakes, and wasps. Two Carolina wrens decided to make their home in one of our hanging planters. By the way, they are the cutest! They mate for life and use the nest building as bonding. They gathered things from around the yard all weekend. The […]

Green Scene: Spring Floral

spring floral diy craft

My green arrow is pointing in a different direction today. I wanted to talk about a simple floral arrangement. As with most things designed, I prefer simple. Sometimes that does not mean less work, it just means less fussy. I believe there is a place for a very elaborate floral design with an appetizing color […]

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