Design Files: Chair Love Part 3

chair love chair history

This month we are talking about Chair Love. We have already covered some other important chairs and their designers here and here. We continue today with some of the most recognizable names and chairs in modern furniture. The examples here are just small samples of the contributions these designers have made to the world of architecture and design. The […]

Design Files: Chair Love Part 2

chair love chair history

This month we are dedicating a portion of our posts to chair love. Chairs are an important part of our lives and these three in particular changed the direction of chairs forever. Our selections for today’s post are icons in modern design. Enjoy…

Design Files: Chair Love Part 1

chair love chair history

I don’t recall when my love affair with chairs began. A well-designed chair speaks to me in a way unlike any other element in a room. The range is so versatile from warm and cozy to sleek and sexy. While modern furniture really is my thing, I have a deep appreciation for any well-made, well-designed seat. To understand […]

Super Pouff: Footstool Makeover

footstool makeover diy

I hate to discard useful things. I don’t keep things for the sake of keeping, but I admit that I do have an alarming collection of things that I am saving for the “perfect” project. Sometimes they are items that have outlived their usefulness in our home. Sometimes they are donated by friends to feed my obsession. There is, […]

Roping In Style: Discard Bench Makeover

Piece by piece we are getting closer to a finished SK8R boyz bedroom redux. The pieces and projects are all planned and we are still on track to be done by the end of the month. I am very anxious to finish and share the results with you. Today we are making over a bench which was […]

Successful Spaces2: Choosing Furniture

tips for choosing furniture

We are continuing our series, Successful Spaces, this week with a look at choosing furniture. Once you have drawn your floor plan and selected your color scheme it is time for you to start thinking furnishings. Before you can begin choosing furniture you must take a few things into account.  For example: Scale – Be aware […]

Sk8R Boyz: Kids Room Redux part 1

boys room redux

Designing for kids can be tricky. Designing for boys can be even trickier.  However, I promised my boys that I would help them get a “cooler” bedroom.  Now I am deep in it.  I have decided to bring you the updates as occasional posts to chronicle the project and offer up a few tips along the […]

Successful Spaces 1: Planning

space planning tips

This month our Monday Morning Series will focus on Successful Spaces.  We will bring you the basics for designing and creating a space that you love. We begin the series with a look at planning. It is common for dwellers to get a good idea in their head and run with it before thinking through all […]

Moo-ved From the Junkpile: Settee Saved

A few months ago a dear friend of mine told me she had an old settee that she was tossing.  Thankfully, she gave me an opportunity to see it before she did because I instantly loved it.  I could see that the basic shape was going to be lovely when covered in something other than […]