Cookie Week 2015: Lemon Filled Honey Shortbread

lemon filled honey shortbread recipe

The hive is all abuzz about these honey cookies filled with lemon curd. As #CookieWeek rolls on, I offer you this tasty twist on a Linzer cookie. These honey cookies are no ordinary shortbread. They have all the makings of shortbread, but include a textural bite from the cornmeal and have a subtle yet distinct […]

Treat of the Week: Fig and Honey Tapioca

fig and honey tapioca recipe

I have just one thing to say to get this post started… TGIF. It has been a long, very busy week and I am ready for just a few minutes to put my feet up. I might even get a chance to do that outdoors as it appears that fall could be on its way. Since today officially […]

Treat of the Week: Honey Apricot Bread

honey apricot bread recipe

This week we had the pleasure of meeting a very interesting woman. She is the reigning American Honey Princess, Allison Adams. Allison travels the nation bringing the story of the honeybees and their sweet gift. The bees are lucky to have her as an advocate. For our treat this week, we have adapted a couple […]

Oats Gone Wild: Pomegranate Granola

pomegranate granola recipe

Day 11 of the New Year and we are all still trying our best to eat “healthy”.  There are many healthy snacks and cereals out there, but many are either over-processed foods or, if not, they come with a ridiculous price tag. Today we are making our version of granola that, although does have some sugar, […]

Know Your Food: Honey Basics

honey basics

Like many, I am fascinated by science and nature. The story of bees and honey is spellbinding. That these tiny creatures go about their daily routine (which is a story on its own) and “accidentally” create this sweet elixir is nothing short of amazing. Honey has been part of human life for thousands of years. […]

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