School Lunches: All Wrapped Up

lunch wrap recipes

As the quiet of September returns to your daytime and evenings begin to fill with activities and studies, you may be wondering how to keep your kiddos well fed. The challenge is to make it interesting enough for them to eat and not get bored while injecting some freshness and nutritional value. Wraps come to […]

Of Feathers and Fondness: A Love Story

talking to kids

She could have been one of Charlie’s Angels. Her curly brunette hair, that sun-kissed face… she was perfect. Sweet, sweet Mrs. Pickering. She was tall and lean with perfectly manicured nails, and she always smelled of Enjoli. I fell in love with her on that first September day… and seventh grade was off to a […]

Screen Time: Setting Limits

setting screen limits

Computers and the internet have enhanced our lives in many ways, but have brought with them a new set of issues that must be dealt with from a parenting perspective. While there are fewer trips to the library and less time spent digging through volumes of encyclopedias, there is the lure of the screen in […]

Family Game Night: Scopa

scopa game rules

You’ve heard it before… the family that plays together, stays together. These days there are more and more distractions and people are busier than ever. Taking the time to unplug and spend time playing some good old fashioned games can be a great step toward building family bonds. As a student in Europe I spent […]

ModernHen on College Prep: Is it that time already?

college prep checklist

Jennifer Henderson Seems like just yesterday that my soon-to-be sophomore was toddling around at my feet holding Eeyore by the tail and babbling on about Blue’s Clues, and now we find ourselves closing out freshman year and contemplating the future ahead.  It’s been a few months since we sat in his guidance counselor’s office where […]

The Kid Table: Free Printables

thanksgiving kids table ideas

Most big family gatherings that involve dinner include the kid table. You probably remember sitting at one and anxiously awaiting the day you would graduate to the grown-up table. This table, removed from adults and adult conversation, was seldom very exciting.  Strangely, as soon as I became a real grown-up I realized that the kid […]

SK8R Boyz Room Redux: DIY Headboard

diy headboard

I have fallen way behind on the deadline to finish my boys’ room redux. There are still many projects planned and I have committed to getting them finished before Spring Break. Yesterday I checked another item off of the list by finishing the headboards. As far as upholstery projects go, this one is fairly simple. The most challenging […]

Sk8R Boyz: Kids Room Redux part 1

boys room redux

Designing for kids can be tricky. Designing for boys can be even trickier.  However, I promised my boys that I would help them get a “cooler” bedroom.  Now I am deep in it.  I have decided to bring you the updates as occasional posts to chronicle the project and offer up a few tips along the […]

Successful School-year Strategies 4: Good Study Habits

developing good study habits

We conclude our September Monday Morning Series: Successful School-year Strategies with a look at good study habits.  This is key to a successful year and goes so much further than that to help groom successful adults.  Please feel free to comment or send additional tips. School teaches our kids lots of things. Unfortunately, very few […]

Successful School-year Strategies 3: Managing Academics and Activities

scheduling school activities tips

The new school year brings with it a host of activities and programs which may interest your child. Deciding which activities will be part of your schedule, actually scheduling them, and making sure the activities don’t obstruct academic pursuits can be very challenging. With some open discussion and setting clear expectations, you can avoid many of the […]