Clip and Save: Using Coupons

tips for using coupons

Coupons are not a new sensation. I remember the cost-saving measures my mom would take to stretch our grocery dollar… clipping and sorting and filing (and growling when she missed an expiration date). I am not that person, but I do think there is real value in couponing. Like most things in life, you get […]

The Right Stuff: Pantry Organization and Checklist

pantry organization tips and checklist

I love the feeling you get when you come home from the supermarket and your cupboards are full. There is something satisfying about checking off one of the boxes in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs so you can securely move on to other more gratifying pursuits. If that’s not enough, there is also the security in […]

Charting Your Course: Managing Calendars

managing family calendars tips

Navigating this modern life is becoming more challenging than ever.  Trying to do it without a plan is virtually impossible.  Add kids to the mix and you have just taken on another part-time job. A household calendar is a necessary tool for any successful home.  It can be as simple as the flip kind that […]

Paper Cut: Managing Mail

managing mail

I was discussing the state of the US postal system with a friend the other day and that made me wonder… how could the post office need money with the amount of mail I receive every day? I don’t remember the last scheduled day that I did not receive mail. I am sure there is […]

Inspired Storage: Where to Keep It

office storage idea

As part of the challenge for last week, I asked where you store your inspiration. I thought I would show you where I keep mine. It is a simple bulletin board that came along with my simple solution for a desk. When we first bought the stainless steel food prep table it served as our […]

Hooked on Storage: Toilet Flange Hook

toilet flange coat hook diy craft

We are kicking off this week with one of our favorite projects.  We love it when something so simple turns into a really great idea.  It is an absolute home run when a trip to the local home improvement store yields solutions from using products in alternative ways. The problem was this – how to get sensible […]