Chocolate Blueberry Smoothie

healthy chocolate blueberry smoothie recipe

Cool off with a decadent but healthy snack. This Chocolate Blueberry Smoothie recipe is just the ticket with the texture of a chocolate shake and a little extra tang from the berries and yogurt. That combination makes it something special without the guilt. This smoothie is one of many to come in our Healthy Breakfast […]

Treat of the Week: Blueberry Cheesecake

best blueberry cheesecake recipe

We’ve got you covered today with a dessert that is perfect for your Memorial Day celebration. It is a classic cheesecake covered in a blueberry sauce made from fresh berries. The cheesecake is simple to make and I often regard it as the last cheesecake recipe you will ever need. The blueberry sauce is perfectly […]

Oats Gone Wild: Pomegranate Granola

pomegranate granola recipe

Day 11 of the New Year and we are all still trying our best to eat “healthy”.  There are many healthy snacks and cereals out there, but many are either over-processed foods or, if not, they come with a ridiculous price tag. Today we are making our version of granola that, although does have some sugar, […]

Treat of the Week: Ginger Peach & Blueberry Tart

ginger peach blueberry tart recipe

Our treat of the week brings in the last goodness of summer as we prepare for a new season. The end of summer is bittersweet for me. I do enjoy so much of what is associated with summer, but living in Texas makes it sometimes unbearable to be outdoors during the summer months. What can […]

Breakfast Bites: Buttermilk Waffles

best buttermilk waffle recipe

Today we celebrate Waffle Day! Until recently, I didn’t even know there was a waffle day, but if you are going to celebrate a food, it seems like a fairly good honoree. The waffle is light and crispy (when warm) and loaded with those pockets to hold other stuff you love. In short… it’s brilliant. […]

Treat of the Week: Summer Berry Pavlova with Hibiscus Cream

berry pavlova with hibiscus cream recipe

If you have never had pavlova you are in for a treat. The range of textures and flavors in this treat makes it a favorite for most. The baking method results in a light and crispy crust enveloping a soft marshmallowy center. Top that off with whipped cream and berries or other fruit and it is out […]