New Year’s Eve Craft: Hostess Gift

New Years Eve DIY Hostess Gift

‘Tis the season… to party. With just a couple of weeks left until the New Year’s Eve parties begin, I thought I would give you a simple DIY hostess gift that you can take with you to a party or give out to your guests if you are having your own party. This simple craft […]

9 Days of Holiday: Day Five

holiday gift card holder printable

Gift cards have become a staple among gift-givers. For the giver, they provide simple shopping, and for the recipient, they offer shopping power. While I prefer to give well-thought, meaningful gifts, I admit that sometimes a gift card is the only way to go to ensure ‘present satisfaction’. The trouble with gift cards, though, is […]

DIY Valentine Treat Box

valentine gift box printable template

Looking for a way to package up those little Valentine’s treats? We’ve got you covered today with this simple printable box template that is just the right size. You simply print the pdf from the link below. Then just cut, fold, glue, and decorate to suit your needs. I printed my box on white card […]

Festivus Fun!

festivus fun

Many years ago I saw a television show that changed my life. A story that was so profound that it rocked the very foundation of all holiday celebrations I had ever experienced. It was the story of a family man so frustrated with the commercialism of Christmas that he decided to take matters into his […]

Money Matters: Holiday Gift Giving

holiday gift giving budget

savour… checked lists GIFT PURCHASING STRATEGIES Layaway  Many retailers have revived this blast from the past. Not only is this a good way to budget appropriately, but this also keeps gifts out of your home and away from prying eyes. Be sure to check the terms of the agreement. Some places may charge termination or re-stocking fees if […]

Holiday Quick Tip: The Hostess Gift

hostess gift ideas

As I type this I am whisking across the country on a holiday road trip.  It is the best family road trip I have ever taken.  Apart from a couple of expected tangles, everyone has gotten along swimmingly and stayed entertained. We stowed the luggage outside of the vehicle in a cargo carrier so everyone […]

Gift Wrapping: Tips and Thrift

creative gift wrapping ideas

Scissors, and ribbon, and tape… oh, my! At this time of year, you might likely be sitting in the middle of the floor surrounded by gifts and tubes of paper. I personally love to wrap gifts, but I know that many people dread it. I may not be able to make you love it, but hopefully, with […]

Special Delivery: Packing and Shipping Baked Goods

shipping baked goods tips

Sending a holiday package of cookies and baked goods is a wonderful tradition. It is so exciting to open up a box and find all sorts of treats waiting for you. Knowing that someone poured their time, energy, and love into your gift makes it all the more meaningful. To me, this is part of what makes the […]

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