Spring Cleaning the Kitchen

spring cleaning checklist

Spring is upon us. For many, that means time to throw open the windows and blow the funk off of the place a little. Typically this includes some deep cleaning. No matter how neat and tidy you are, things can use some extra attention occasionally. In the kitchen, particularly, food finds its way into places […]

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

how to fold a fitted sheet

At long last… one of life’s little mysteries solved… how to fold a fitted sheet. Perhaps you have tried the ‘ball it up and roll it method’ or you’ve settled for a big lump in the middle of your finished fold. No judgment, we’ve all been there. This method should help you get it right […]

Stain Removal Basics and Guide

stain removal guide and printable

There is nothing quite as disappointing as looking down at your favorite shirt and seeing an oil spot which no doubt came from the vinaigrette you had at lunch. For some, that would signal a trip to the trash bin, but it doesn’t have to end that way. Our stain removal basics and printable guide are […]

Spoonful of Sugar: Spring Cleaning Playlist

spring cleaning playlist

It’s time to throw open the windows, roll up your sleeves, and get some deep cleaning done. If you’re anything like me, you dread this necessary evil. In order for me to get inspired, I must gather all of my materials ahead of time, grab a checklist, and turn up the music. I always choose […]

Prepping for Summer: The High Cost of Keeping Cool

high cost of staying cool

Tired of ridiculous summer energy costs? Take some control of the situation by arming yourself with knowledge. With a few simple tips, a little work, and perhaps a change of habit you could be on your way to skinnier bills in no time.  Below are some simple ways to get started in the war on […]

Washboard Wisdom: Laundry Care Symbols

laundry care symbols

Laundry may be the most boring thing that happens in your home.  Unfortunately, it is also one of the most important unless, of course, you have the resources to buy a new wardrobe each week. Caring for your clothes is critical to making them last and the tags have gotten more complicated over the years. Today we […]

Getting Steamed: Ironing Basics

ironing basics

Advances in dryers and fabrics have greatly reduced ironing chores over the years, but there are still things that require ironing. While the convenience of dry cleaning can not be disputed, there are times when you need something pressed immediately or the task is so small that it makes more sense to tackle it yourself. Beyond that, […]

Impromptu Guests: Creating a ‘Bewitching’ Home

bewitching home

I was always amazed at Samantha Stephens from ‘Bewitched’. Although she did sometimes use a bit of wizardry, she managed to keep her house perfectly clean and always ready for the impromptu dinner guests that Darrin brought home. At times, we all wish we could wiggle our noses and be ready on short notice. Today we are going […]

Two for Tuesday Tips: Working with Oil

quick tips

This Tuesday we are bringing back some tips to help you in the kitchen. Olive oil is instrumental to our kitchen success. Here are a couple of ideas you might not have considered. Tip 1 – Marinate and store cubes of feta in olive oil. Not only will it keep longer, but if you add […]

Miracle Liquid: Uncommon Uses For Vinegar

vinegar uses

Vinegar is an absolute natural marvel. Thousands of years ago someone accidentally discovered it by letting some wine go a bit too long. The world has never been the same. Although made with various bases as the sugar component, the basic process has remained the same… sugars fermented to alcohol (wine) and alcohol further fermented […]

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