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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

how to fold a fitted sheet

At long last… one of life’s little mysteries solved… how to fold a fitted sheet. Perhaps you have tried the ‘ball it up and roll it method’ or you’ve settled for a big lump in the middle of your finished fold. No judgment, we’ve all been there. This method should help you get it right every time and be able to match it up with your flat sheets for a nice stack of linens.


Before you start:

There may be other methods out there, but this is the one that we have found the most useful and foolproof.

This will work for any size fitted sheet. If you are folding queen or king-size sheets you may want to fold in quarters instead of thirds.

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The method:

  1. Turn one corner inside out and slide it over your hand.
  2. Turn another corner from an opposing end inside out and over your other hand.
  3. Turn the corner from one hand over the other hand.
  4. Repeat for the other two corners.
  5. Turn them over each other to create one corner with four layers.
  6. Lay the sheet on a flat surface and make a rectangle with it.
  7. Fold over the long edge with the gathered corners first by one third.
  8. Fold it over again to the far edge.
  9. Fold over the end with the gathered corners first by one third.
  10. Fold over the remaining third.
  11. Smooth and flatten as necessary.


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