The Island of Hawaii: A Photo Journal

hawaii big island travel

It’s no wonder millions of travelers from all over the globe visit Hawaii each year. These little gems tucked away in the big blue Pacific are full of natural beauty. The vibe is eternally ‘laid back’ making it an ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of our continental lives. Our recent […]

Photography Month Spotlight: Anja Butti

anja butti photography

For our final spotlight article for National Photography Month we are showcasing the talent of Anja Butti. It is a pleasure to have her here with her unique point of view. The very best of photography tells a story or prompts you to create your own. Anja does a genius job of capturing those moments […]

Photography Month Spotlight: Liren Baker

liren baker photography

This is the third article in a series for National Photography Month. Earlier this month we spotlighted Nicole Hanhan and Bruce Barone. Today we are pleased to present Liren Baker. I love photography, but as you may have guessed, I have a special affinity for those who shoot food. Liren does it superbly and manages […]

Photography Month Spotlight: Nicole Hanhan

nicole hanhan photography

Today we are continuing our celebration of National Photography Month. I am pleased to present the work of Nicole Hanhan. Her images are often fun and always thought-provoking.  We recently interviewed Nicole about her photography. Here is what she said. TN: How did you get started in photography? NH: I got started in photography initially […]

Photography Month Spotlight: Bruce Barone

bruce barone photography

As you may know, May is Photography Month. It’s no secret that I love photography and this month I will be spotlighting a few very talented photographers.  I am very proud to present the work of my friend, Bruce Barone. We caught up with Bruce and asked him a few questions… TN: What got you […]

Take Better Food Photos

how to take better food photos

May is National Photography Month. Today we are presenting a quick photography guide. While most of these tips will apply to many subjects, our aim today is food photography. Because food plays such an important part in all of our nesting efforts it accounts for about 40% of the posts here at Today’s Nest. We cover lots of other […]

Shooting Summer: Tips for Taking Photos

taking summer photos

For many, the summer means many more photo opportunities.  There will be cookouts and family vacations, pool time, and trips to the beach. Being prepared with a few tips can make a great deal of difference in how your memories are captured. For those who already know the tips, this might be the perfect time to pass the […]

Spiraling Out of Control: The Golden Spiral

golden spiral

What is it that makes things so appealing to the eyes?  Somehow, instinctively, we see something and know that the proportions are just right. It may be human nature or our experiences throughout our life that form these decisions. Some of it we learn through our environment and what we are told is beautiful. For those who […]

X Files: Organizing Digital Photos

organizing digital files tips

Digital photography is amazing in so many ways. One of the very best things about it is that it has made taking lots of photos more accessible and inexpensive than ever before. I take many photos… many, many photos. I have taken hundreds, maybe even thousands more than I did when I shot pictures with a film camera. Not […]

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