Treat of the Week: Raspberry Lime Madeleines

raspberry lime madeleines recipe

Looking for a sure-fire win for Valentine’s Day (or any day) ? These raspberry lime madeleines are a sure bet. We took everything that is wonderful about madeleines (crispy edges, cakey centers) and paired it with the fantastic flavor combination of raspberry and lime. They are just as unique and delicious as the orange anise […]

Treat of the Week: Peach Melba

peach melba recipe

A couple of years ago I did an article called Summer Berry Pavlova with Hibiscus Cream. I loved doing that article because of the story associated with it. The dessert was made in honor of the famed ballerina from Russia who was traveling to Australia and New Zealand. As this was such a momentous occasion for the time, […]

Treat of the Week: Raspberry Hazelnut Ice Cream

raspberry hazelnut ice cream recipe

Today we offer up our last installment of summer ice creams for National Ice Cream Month. It has been great fun eating and making these frozen treats. We hope you have found inspiration here for your own ice cream endeavors. The summer days are flying by and before you know it, we will be welcoming fall. […]

Treat of the Week: Raspberry Mango Souffle

raspberry mango souffle recipe

Spring is quickly yielding to summer here. As we make the transition in Dallas, I try to relish all of the aspects of spring that bring me joy, such as the blossoming of the magnolia trees and the much more frequent yard visits from our local ducks. Because the seasons seem to merge rather quickly here, we also get the onset of fireflies at […]

Fall Salad: Pomegranate Feta with Raspberry Vinaigrette

pomegranate feta salad recipe

Soup and salad make up a large part of our meals. Salad can get boring and we often look for new ways to perk it up. Today’s easy salad idea was actually a bit of an accidental bliss. What do we have in the fridge – some field greens and feta?  This does not an […]

Treat of the Week: Summer Berry Pavlova with Hibiscus Cream

berry pavlova with hibiscus cream recipe

If you have never had pavlova you are in for a treat. The range of textures and flavors in this treat makes it a favorite for most. The baking method results in a light and crispy crust enveloping a soft marshmallowy center. Top that off with whipped cream and berries or other fruit and it is out […]

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