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Two for Tuesday Tips: Clothes Hangtags and Lunch Ideas

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School has begun and the transition from summer behavior to a more structured way of life may be proving difficult for you and your kids. Today’s tips are meant to alleviate some of the strain and simplify things just a bit.

quick tips

Tip #1 Our first tip includes these printable pdf files (one and two) that you can use to make your own hang tags. Use these for your kids to plan out their own weekly wardrobe in advance. Dedicate part of the weekend to getting all of the necessary clothing together and matching it up. This will raise a flag for anything that needs to be washed, steamed, ironed, etc. Of course, there will be some occasional last-minute changes, but by following this routine you will avoid many a mid-week meltdown.

quick tips

Tip #2 School has just begun so your kids probably haven’t grown weary with your lunch bag menu just yet. However, it won’t be long until you are hearing the cry for something different. Before you get to that point go get this book… 400 Best Sandwich Recipes by Alison Lewis.  There are loads of recipes here to inspire you and delight your kids.  


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