Super Salad: Grilled Halloumi, Peach, and Cherry Salad

halloumi peach cherry salad recipe

Fire up the grill and get ready for deliciousness. This salad with grilled halloumi, peaches, and plump, fresh cherries is a perfect light addition to any al fresco dinner. There is just the right amount of sweet, tart, and salt. The textures will leave you wondering why you weren’t always making this. If you haven’t […]

Mediterranean Food Roundup

To begin Mediterranean Month, let’s start with some food. Sure, there will be other stuff, but let’s face it… the food is what really matters. I’ve gathered up some of my favorite articles from the past below, but these are not the only Mediterranean inspired dishes you will find here.  Not included is Making Pasta […]

Mediterranean Chicken and Quinoa Salad

mediterranean chicken and quinoa recipe

It is no wonder the Mediterranean Diet continues to grow in popularity. The fresh, wholesome ingredient approach to cooking provides flavor and nutrition. By using a combination of foods that bring out the best in each other, you can create a plate that is packed with goodness and tastes great, too. This Mediterranean Chicken and […]

It’s All Greek to Me: Gyros and Tzaziki

gyros recipe

Mediterranean food speaks to me in a way that no other does.  I am dizzied by the aroma of fresh herbs and garlic.  Of course, you already know how I feel about olives.  Fresh and uncomplicated is always the flavor of the day in Mediterranean cooking.  Our dish for today, although Americanized, is a good […]