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9 Apple Recipes to Try This Fall

9 apple recipes to try this fall

Harvest season is here once again for apples. The tried and true staple is ready for all sorts of applications… apple butter, apple sauce, apple pizza. Yes, that’s right, apple pizza. We’ve gathered 9 apple recipes to try this fall to give you a wide variety of options. Here you will find some of our favorites, including the apple mojito.
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Creamy sauce on a cookie crust with glorious apples and caramel.
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There are several recipes here that include a pie crust. For our ‘no-fail’ pie crust recipe check out Kitchen Basics: Pie Crust.
As an honorable mention, see our Mincemeat recipe. It’s a blast from the past, but if more people tried it, we are sure it would make a comeback.

Need more information on when and where to get your apples? Check out this handy guide from Pick Your Own. It will tell you when to pick, how to prepare, and how to store apples. If you visit their home page you can also discover what and where to pick in your area.


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