How to Make Wall Art from Vintage Film Reels

how to make wall art from vintage film reels

Finding unique artwork that really captures your personality can be difficult. It is even more difficult to find a piece that fits exactly where you want it to go and fills the space appropriately. For many, this wall art from vintage film reels solves both problems. By pairing your passion with a little creativity you […]

Art You Can Do: Grackle Line

diy grackle art

Fall is all around (even here in Dallas). As the weather cools and sunset occurs earlier, the grackles seem to gather together even more than the rest of the year. I must admit that (unlike many I know) I am fascinated by them. I have been honked at many times for not moving at a green light because […]

Art You Can Do: Summer Silhouettes

summer silhouette art diy

Does your patio rest in the doldrums? Is it a place to store the garden hose or have you found a quiet corner to call your own? Consider the patio another space in your home and make it a destination. Over the past couple of years, home improvement centers have begun offering lots of home products traditionally […]

Spiraling Out of Control: The Golden Spiral

golden spiral

What is it that makes things so appealing to the eyes?  Somehow, instinctively, we see something and know that the proportions are just right. It may be human nature or our experiences throughout our life that form these decisions. Some of it we learn through our environment and what we are told is beautiful. For those who […]

Art You Can Do: DIY Dry Erase Board

dry erase board diy

This piece hung over a simple writing desk can be used as your dry erase board, filled with doodles, or a lovely hand-written poem.  The materials are very easy to find and the hardest part is working out the math for even lines. savour… doodle space DIY DRY ERASE ART BOARD Before you start: We […]

Art You Can Do: Geometrics

diy geometric art

Today we are taking a break from food posts to bring you a little art project.  I have made a commitment to finish the boys bedroom redux this month and I needed an art installation for one of the walls. This art project was an easy way to add an urban edge and tie some of […]

Buying Art: Shopping Art Fairs

buying art tips

Many of you who know me know that I fancy myself something of an artist.  Much of the art in my home was my creation. I dabble in many mediums but am master of none. However, most of it comes off at least as “professionally” done. Pair that with my incurable DIY disease and it becomes very difficult […]

A Life in Art: Celebrating Shel Silverstein

shel silverstein

Saturday, September 25, marks what would be the 80th birthday of Shel Silverstein. Many will recognize that name right away. If you don’t recognize the name, you will likely know his work. He filled the last half of the 20th century with music, poetry, illustration, children’s stories, and plays. Silverstein is one of the reasons […]

Art You Can Do: Basketweave Wall Hanging

Our project today involves a little light woodworking.  There is nothing too intense here.  You could pull this off with minimal skills and some rather rudimentary tools.  For your efforts, you will be rewarded with a very nice piece that can be used in a variety of settings.  It can be used as a focal […]

Art You Can Do: Band of Butterflies

band of butterflies art

I could have also called this post “What I Did With The Scraps From Yesterday’s Project”. I had plenty of wood leftover from the DIY pallet picnic table, so I decided to keep creating. I had an idea for an Art You Can Do project, but I wasn’t certain that it would work. I am pleased to present […]

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