Pallet-able Patio: Cheap Chic Cocktail Table

palette cocktail table diy

I love the notion of sitting on the patio with a tall glass of sangria in the summer. Creating an outdoor space that you love to visit makes all the difference. Today we tackle a table that just about anybody can make. Best of all, it’s almost free. It will require a bit of work and you may want […]

SK8R Boyz Room Redux: DIY Headboard

diy headboard

I have fallen way behind on the deadline to finish my boys’ room redux. There are still many projects planned and I have committed to getting them finished before Spring Break. Yesterday I checked another item off of the list by finishing the headboards. As far as upholstery projects go, this one is fairly simple. The most challenging […]

Roping In Style: Discard Bench Makeover

Piece by piece we are getting closer to a finished SK8R boyz bedroom redux. The pieces and projects are all planned and we are still on track to be done by the end of the month. I am very anxious to finish and share the results with you. Today we are making over a bench which was […]

Raising the Bar: Repurposed Credenza Bar Cabinet

credenza bar makeover diy

You may have noticed that I have a thing for acorns. We have taken that a step further this week with a repurposing project that anyone with a limited amount of refinishing skills could tackle. The used office credenza in our photo is used as a bar cabinet, but it could have other purposes including, well… a […]

Chalk Line: Kitchen Chalkboard DIY

kitchen chalkboard diy

Chalkboards are such a great thing to have around the house.  They are perfect for jotting quick notes, posting the menu, or creating changeable art. Making a custom sized chalkboard is easier than you think and you can add in some features that you wouldn’t be able to get from a store-bought version. The chalkboard in […]

Art You Can Do: Basketweave Wall Hanging

Our project today involves a little light woodworking.  There is nothing too intense here.  You could pull this off with minimal skills and some rather rudimentary tools.  For your efforts, you will be rewarded with a very nice piece that can be used in a variety of settings.  It can be used as a focal […]

Art You Can Do: Band of Butterflies

band of butterflies art

I could have also called this post “What I Did With The Scraps From Yesterday’s Project”. I had plenty of wood leftover from the DIY pallet picnic table, so I decided to keep creating. I had an idea for an Art You Can Do project, but I wasn’t certain that it would work. I am pleased to present […]

Pallet-able Patio: DIY PicnicTable

palette picnic table diy craft

I love a long table. With it comes the notion of a dozen friends enjoying a wonderful meal, good drink, and lots of laughs. We are hosting a dessert party later this month, so I was tasked with producing an inexpensive solution for a table. We have a few smaller tables that we could put together, but nothing […]

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