Cocktail of the Month: Hot Buttered Rum

hot buttered rum recipe

Warm up even the coldest winter days with our Cocktail of the Month: Hot Buttered Rum. This traditional drink is simple to prepare in no time with a make-ahead batter that can be saved in your freezer for months at a time and be ready when necessary. savour… warm spirits The History Like many hot […]

9 Days of Holiday: Day Seven

white russian recipe

You need a drink.Well, I need a drink. I’m just going to assume you do, too. It has been a very hectic (yet fun) holiday season and a little relaxation is in order. To get you through that last turn and into the home stretch we offer this month’s Cocktail of the Month: The White […]

Cocktail of the Month: Brandy Alexander

brandy alexander recipe

With roots deep in American cocktail history, the Brandy Alexander has its own story to tell. All signs indicate that the drink started as a variation of the gin-based Alexander, which made its first printed appearance in the 1915 book Recipes for Mixed Drinks by Hugo Ensslin.  Common belief holds that it was created by […]

Cocktail of the Month: The Grasshopper

grasshopper cocktail recipe

The story of the grasshopper is fairly cut and dry. The sweet, minty concoction began as an entry into a cocktail contest in New York City. The man behind the magic was Philibert Guichet Jr., owner of Tujaque’s bar and restaurant in New Orleans. Interestingly, the recipe won the second place prize. What makes this […]

Soup of the Day: Peppercorn Clam Chowder

peppercorn clam chowder recipe

Enter the inspirational pork chop.A few weeks ago I enjoyed a seared pork chop with green peppercorn sauce. This was the best thing I’ve eaten so far this year. I know it’s early, but I assure even in November it will be hard to beat. The pork chop was moist perfection, but what really grabbed […]

Treat of the Week: Fall Fruit Parfait with Cashew Cream

fall fruit parfait with cashew cream recipe

The holidays are a busy time and we are all looking for simple and unique entertaining ideas. This treat of the week is perfect with simple ingredients and ‘do ahead’ preparation. The nutty flavor of the cashew cream is perfect for this dish and adds a little surprise to the fruit flavors. This dish is […]

Treat of the Week: Coffee and Cream Bundt Cake

coffee and cream bundt cake recipe

The holiday season has arrived and soon guests will be on your doorstep. Your kitchen will be filled with warm faces, laughter, and conversation. You’ll want to be sure you have some hot coffee or tea and a treat or two to make the moments even better. This Coffee and Cream Bundt Cake is just […]

September Cocktail: French Vanilla Blended Frappe

french vanilla frappe cocktail recipe

Coffee is good. Cocktails are good, too. Blended together with a frothy top… well, now we’re getting somewhere. Our cocktail for this month is an icy, smooth drink with loads of flavor. The heat is finally starting to fade, but we have a few weeks left. This drink will be perfect for enjoying on the patio in the afternoon […]

Treat of the Week: Peaches and Cream Pound Cake Panini

peaches and cream panini recipe

Well, I think this might be it. Summer is finally ending. It still isn’t fall in Dallas, but it is under 100º so we are getting somewhere. Further indication that the season is ending is the fact that peaches are everywhere right now. Luckily, we love them. We have been trying to find new ways […]

Treat of the Week: Pistachio Meringues with Rose Cream

pistachio meringues with rose water cream recipe

This Friday is the last Friday of our first year at Today’s Nest. Next week we will celebrate our blogiversary. It has been an exciting and rewarding year.  We weren’t really sure how things would go in the beginning, but we knew for sure that we would have the Treat of the Week. We kicked off the Treat […]

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