Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Chimichurri Sauce


Stir things up this Thanksgiving without discussing politics. This recipe for sweet potato gnocchi with chimichurri sauce is an “out of the ordinary” way to serve up the holiday favorite… or just to eat anytime you want sweet potatoes. It is sure to become a new favorite. Before you start: The dough will be very […]

Seafood Special: Linguine Langoustine with Roasted Tomato Garlic Sauce

linguine langoustine with roasted tomato garlic sauce

Seafood Lover? Your new favorite pasta dish has arrived.The flavor of the sea comes to life in this vibrant pasta dish. A simple (and suprisingly delicious) roasted tomato sauce acts as the base for fresh herbs, creamy feta, and plenty of colorful roasted cherry tomatoes. Dive in! show me more italian food Before you start: […]

Monday Menu: Spicy Shrimp Bucatini

spicy shrimp bucatini recipe

So it’s not Monday, but I made this on Monday. Does that count? Actually, Monday Menu is really meant for you to have food and drink recipes for everyday occasions. These will be dishes (and cocktails) that you can throw together after a busy day and still feel like you’ve got something tasty that doesn’t […]

Lola Cooks: Pumpkin Fettuccine with Sausage and Sage

pumpkin fettuccine recipe

Are you one of THOSE people? One of the millions who only purchase pumpkins for decorations? Don’t feel singled out. The vast majority of all pumpkins purchased in the US is for decor. Beyond that, pureed pumpkin is purchased for the obligatory pumpkin pie, but that’s about where the pumpkin purchasing pauses. Our autumnal friend […]

Weeknight Meals: Rigatoni with Butternut Squash and Sage

rigatoni with butternut squash recipe

I have a lot of sage. My herbaceous abundance coupled with my burning desire to coax fall into the picture have resulted in several sage themed dishes lately. I’m certain my kids will be glad when that ride is over. For my latest weeknight meal post I am bringing you a delicious pasta dish that […]

Weeknight Meals: Baked Farfalle with Summer Squash

School is back in session. You’re busy. The kids are busy. You need something simple to throw together for dinner. Got it. This month I am dedicating the majority of my food posts to weeknight meals. Those dishes that are simple to make, don’t require loads of ‘hands-on’, and still taste spectacular. I’ll do my […]

Lola Cooks: Classic Minestrone

classic minestrone recipe

Our tribute to the glorious food that is soup continues with this classic that should be in just about everyone’s recipe file. Minestrone is one of those soups that gets tweaked from one home to the next. This recipe is a good basic recipe that you can manage to suit your tastes. If you don’t […]

Cooking with Boys: Shrimp Scampi

shrimp scampi recipe

There are infinite wonders in the kitchen that for decades were shared only with girls. In my aunt and uncle’s home, for example, the boys were forbidden to do housework which included just about everything in the kitchen, save skinning a fish.  Boys were meant to gather wood or feed the dogs, but certainly not fluff […]

Know Your Food: Pasta Basics

pasta basics

While this post highlights dried pasta primarily, you might be interested in our post on making fresh pasta at home. We made ours into sheets and used it for our classic lasagna. Looking for a few more pasta recipes? Be sure to check out our All American Macaroni Salad, Pasta e Fagioli, or Salami Antipasto Salad. And for a […]

TV Dinner: Updated

updated TV dinner recipes

If you grew up around the same time I did, you will likely remember the TV dinner… or at least the advertisements. TV dinners were a big part of American culture for many years. Despite the fact that many ate it on a TV tray while watching television, it actually got its name because it was laid […]

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