Cherries Jubilee Cocktail

cherries jubilee cocktail recipe

As a food photographer and food and drink enthusiast, I believe fresh is best. However, I cannot deny that there are some things I keep in the freezer to use long after their season is over. Cherries is one of those things. National Cherries Jubilee Day is coming up later this week and I wanted […]

Treat of the Week: Chocolate Cherry Trifle

chocolate cherry trifle recipe

You may not know this, but typically my articles are planned months in advance… and sometimes they are even produced and shot long before they appear here or elsewhere on the web. That is not the case with today’s offering. I made it, shot it, and ate it last night. I had originally planned to […]

Cookie Week 2013 DayONE: Classic Florentines

classic florentine recipe

Welcome to COOKIE WEEK! We are kicking off our 4th annual Cookie Week this week with the Classic Florentine. I cannot tell you how much I adore these cookies. I have sworn allegiance to the chocolate chip cookie, but this cookie might just make me (and you) rethink that. The base of the cookie is […]

Treat of the Week: Black Forest Cupcakes

black forest cupcake recipe

We are finally getting settled into our new home. I hope you have taken some time to look around and see what’s new at Today’s Nest. We are excited about all of the upcoming projects and treats. Today is no exception. These cupcakes are simply divine. We’ve updated the classic just a bit to make […]

Cookie Week 2012 Day Two: Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies

double chocolate cherry cookie recipe

Cookie Week moves forward with our second entry for this year… Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies. If you are a fan of chocolate, you are going to LOVE this cookie. It is crispy on the outside, and soft and chewy on the inside. The flavors of this cookie are perfect together. The tartness of the cherries […]

Man Week: The Story of Gin

the story of gin

Gin. The ultimate summer spirit. While some associate Gin with little old ladies and/or the country club crowd, it is in fact one of the most versatile and misunderstood spirits on the shelf. From the distinct class of a well-crafted martini to the refreshing barroom favorite of a gin and tonic. Gin has fortified the […]

Treat of the Week: Chewy Chocolate Cherry Oat Bar

chewy chocolate cherry oat bar recipe

In case you hadn’t noticed, we love food around here. We talk a great deal about design and DIY, but it always comes around to food… more commonly, treats. It always comes back to treats. This week wraps up our second year blogging. It’s hard to believe that we have presented the Treat of the Week every week for […]

Treat of the Week: Cheery Cherry Cupcake

cherry cupcake recipe

We’ve got just what you need for Valentine’s Day. These cheery cherry cupcakes deliver on theme, flavor, and cuteness. The addition of maraschino cherry syrup and bits of cherries to the batter create lovely, soft pink cupcakes with almond-flavored, pink icing to round out the flavors. You’ll be surprised at how easy these cupcakes are […]

Cookie Week Day3: Caramel Date Pinwheel

caramel date pinwheel recipe

Our third entry for Cookie Week is this delightful little pinwheel cookie. We typically try to include at least one filled cookie with our holiday treats and this one answers the call perfectly. Not only does the swirl give you plenty of cookie to filling, but the pattern is interesting and adds an element of fun to […]

Treat of the Week: Simple Cherry Cobbler

simple cherry cobbler recipe

OK, summer, it’s official. I am over you. I have been doing my best to be cordial, but I simply cannot take much more. With more days over 100° than I have ever experienced, I am beginning to feel like a prisoner in my home. To add fuel to the fire, the next ten days are all forecast […]

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