Cookie Week DayFIVE: Gingerbread

classic gingerbread recipe

Another cookie week has come to a close. As I have been every year, I am sad to see it go. It’s always so much fun. To wrap up our last cookie for this year, we are offering up a classic that is sure to please… gingerbread.Whether you use this recipe to make gingerbread men […]

Cookie Week 2013 DayFOUR: Chunky Chocolate Hazelnut Meringues

chocolate hazelnut meringue recipe

The very best part about these Chunky Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies is that they seem tricky, but they are impossibly easy to make. The result is light and airy cookies with glorious chocolate and hazelnut crunch.  These are perfect for holiday gifting as they can store for up to a couple of weeks in an airtight […]

Cookie Week 2013 DayTHREE: Ginger Date Chews

ginger date chews recipe

Like a chewy, crispy cookie? Me, too. That’s why I chose this Ginger Date Chew. In cookies, dates have a way of adding sweetness and chewiness that nothing else does. There is just enough date flavor without it taking over the cookie. This cookie is made with enough butter, syrup, and molasses to make it […]

Cookie Week 2013 DayTWO: Orange Almond Cookies

orange almond cookie recipe

Cookie Week 2013 continues with this light and crispy cookie. The cookie itself is thin and crunchy. The almonds add a bit of texture and flavor and the citrus peel offers unexpected moments of chewiness and fruity goodness. These are a great treat to be enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee and will […]

Cookie Week 2013 DayONE: Classic Florentines

classic florentine recipe

Welcome to COOKIE WEEK! We are kicking off our 4th annual Cookie Week this week with the Classic Florentine. I cannot tell you how much I adore these cookies. I have sworn allegiance to the chocolate chip cookie, but this cookie might just make me (and you) rethink that. The base of the cookie is […]

Cookie Week 2012 Day Five: Maple Bacon Oatmeal Cookies

maple bacon oatmeal cookie recipe

O Holy Smokes!  We have reached the end of Cookie Week 2012… and we are going out with a *bang*. We saved the best for last with this flavor explosion… Maple Bacon Oatmeal. This may just be my Cookie of the Year. It is that good. This cookie is quite plain to look at, but don’t be […]

Cookie Week 2012 Day Four: Cinnamon Orange Palmiers

orange cinnamon palmier recipe

I hope you are enjoying our Cookie Week 2012. To give you (and me) a little break I am about to change your cookie making world. This treat is ridiculously simple and tasty… and very pretty. Today we are making palmiers, but with a little twist. To punctuate it with some holiday flavor we have added cinnamon and orange […]

Cookie Week 2012 Day Three: Crispy Pecan Chews

crispy ginger chew cookie recipe

Day three of Cookie Week comes with a little crunch. In our effort to bring you a variety this week we knew we needed to offer up something with real texture. This one does the trick. It is quite crispy when you bite it, but becomes chewy as you go. It borders on a thin […]

Cookie Week 2012 Day Two: Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies

double chocolate cherry cookie recipe

Cookie Week moves forward with our second entry for this year… Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies. If you are a fan of chocolate, you are going to LOVE this cookie. It is crispy on the outside, and soft and chewy on the inside. The flavors of this cookie are perfect together. The tartness of the cherries […]

Cookie Week 2012 Day One: Rum Shortbread with Date Filling

rum shortbread with date filling recipe

At last it’s here… my favorite week of the year (at least at Today’s Nest). Cookie Week has arrived and we have 5 great recipes in store for you. The cookies range from chocolatey to crispy to bacon… yes, bacon. To kick off cookie week we present rum shortbread with date filling. This cookie is […]

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