Color Me Inspired: Choosing Kuler

I love how so many things are affected by color.  There are, of course, numerous studies regarding the effects of color on our mood and everything we do.  That is why it is such an important consideration in all things designed.   


In my work I routinely need color inspiration in order to keep things fresh for rooms, art, and even food.  Being au courant in terms of color trends can be tricky and chains many to white walls and “neutrals”.  That might be the most overused term in regard to colors.  This will not be a post about choosing wall color.  I am saving that for another post.  However, if you are considering a paint project, may the following resources guide you.


Finding inspiration for color palettes is sometimes daunting.  You may have found yourself flipping through magazines or standing with your mouth agape at the wall o’chips in you local home improvement store.  But, if you are looking for a new source check out online tools.  There are far too many resources to list, but a couple of my favorites are and  Both of these sites give you the option to peruse palettes created by others or create your own.


The possibilities are endless… you can even take the photo of your wedding bouquet and use the software to pull a color palette from it!  If you run into any technical difficulties be sure to download the necessary upgrades, and be sure it is well worth it.  Just tooling around here will open your eyes to many new color ideas.


Once you have a palette you love, choose one predominant color, one or two secondary colors, and use whatever is left in the palette for accents or trim.  When choosing fabrics for a room I will often use the secondary colors as the main colors for a patterned fabric.  This keeps it from overtaking the room and makes it much easier to freshen should you grow tired of the pattern. 


This is not limited to interior design/décor, though.  When planning your next meal or outfit for an evening out, apply the same principles and see what you get.  You may be surprised at how easy this is.  I look forward to our next color conversation, so until then…   


savour… newly opened crayons.