Cheap Date: Today's Picnic for Two

Sometimes you just need to get away.  Occasionally couples need a chance to reconnect without hearing "today's special" or having to run a kid to the restroom.  We offer up the perfect solution... the picnic.


As a youngster, a picnic basket could only mean a one thing... bologna and cheese on white bread.  As an adult, my picnic tastes have changed slightly, but it is still more about the event and less about the food.  Nevertheless, here we have a grown up version of a quick picnic.  Steal away with your someone special and enjoy a nice meal and some peace.


... quiet conversations.

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The menu:

Caprese salad pinwheels - I found fresh mozzarella sheets...why didn't I think of it earlier.  They are perfect for making pinwheels.

Prosciutto and pear pinwheels

French bread

Hummus and pita chips

Fresh apricots


Sparkling mineral water


Things to consider:

Choose a somewhat secluded spot.

Packing your getaway meal in a basket will make it more special.  You can find one in just about any price range.  If you are feeling ambitious, try

refurbishing one yourself


Pack light.  Someone will have to carry it all.

Don't forget the blanket.  A table is fine if they are available, but a blanket could lead to lying down for a bit on a sunny afternoon. 

Consider a tarp cut to fit under your blanket creating a barrier between you and bugs and sticks and things poking up through the blanket.

A little music could be good.  There are many portable speaker options for mp3 players these days.  Just be respectful of the other picnickers who may be within earshot.

Check the weather the morning of the picnic.  Be prepared with a back up plan.  That might mean the living room floor with the blanket and some pillows.  The magic really is in the time spent together, not the location.  Be flexible.

Be sure to pack all of the


.  One non-essential, but good item to include, is a camera.