Labor Day : Are You Ready For The School Year?

 Happy Labor Day, Nesters!  I hope that you are at home enjoying your day off.  

What began as a day to honor the strength of the trade and labor organizations has changed dramatically over the years.  Labor Day began over 100 years ago and became a federal holiday in 1894.  For many years, it was celebrated with parades and speeches from prominent public officials and labor leaders.

Over the years Labor Day took on a different connotation for many.  Today it more often symbolizes the end of summer and the beginning of the new school year.  As a child, our school year almost always began the Tuesday after Labor Day.  This gave us and many other families one last chance to travel or picnic to mark the end of the summer recess.  Even though school begins before Labor Day in many places these days, the holiday is still used in the same manner. 

To that end, we announce our Monday Series for September - Successful School-year Strategies.  Each Monday you will find tips and tricks to assist in mapping out success for your child's academic journey.  Please send along your comments or suggestions for inclusion in the discussion.

Happy school-year!

Happy September!

Happy Labor Day!

savour... freshly sharpened pencils