Blog Crawl: My Life Is An Open Book


I am delighted to bring you Blog Crawl today.  This program from Hello Splendor creator, Beth Dotolo, connects the dots between bloggers and provides a chance for our readers to experience even more fun and inspiration.  Be sure to check out yesterday's story from Beth at Do What You Love and tomorrow see the post from Lindsay at Home.Life.Style.Design.

The theme of the first Blog Crawl is My Life Is An Open Book.  At first it seemed simple enough, but then I started struggling with how much to fit into one post.  After reeling my ideas back in, I came to the same conclusion that I often do… simple is better.  I am an artist at heart.  So if my life is a book, then it surely has pictures.  Tomorrow we will be back with more nesting goodness, but for today something a little different… ME.


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