Savour Spotlight: EnviroTrend

It’s hard to believe that we met Vanessa Pennisi a year ago when EnviroTrend was just a budding brand out to rid the world of plastic bags one chic reusable at a time.  We fell in love with them then and are even more in love with them now.

Vanessa is one busy lady... growing a business at a manageable pace and managing a family.  In the last year EnviroTrend has exploded into the US market in retail stores in Texas, Georgia, California, Hawaii, Arizona, and Nevada.  Soon they’ll be hitting stores to the north to include a fave, New York. 


The bulk of EnviroTrend products are made from recyclable non-woven polypropylene, which makes them twice as nice for the environment.  Bulky reusables can be just that, bulky... and they certainly can’t fit in your purse, handbag, or glove box.  Their most popular line,SAKitToMe, is lightweight, washable and comes in its own pouch which does double duty as a cell phone holder while you are shopping and the convenient key holder keeps keys in place or clips your bag to your keys. 


They have recently added Peony (pink SAKitToMe) and Orchid (blue SAKitToMe) to the Earth and Bloom line and the Giraffe (Elephant is retiring) to the kids SAKitToMe line.  They’ve also added an ode to their native land called Australiana.  You’ll feel like you’ve stepped down under with the nature inspired designs representing native plants, Banksia, Wattle, Bottlebrush, Water Lily, Waratah, and Gum Nut.  


This is, by far, the best compact, lightweight, reusable tote we have found to date.  Beyond practicality, the designs are modern and stylish.  Be sure to check out the bamboo line, too.  Look for these bags at local retailers or find them online at