Sam Henderson

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Sam is the creative director for Today's Nest.  His talents and passions range from food styling and photography to interior design and modern home life.  Sam began his career in fashion with a detour into the financial industry.  Continuing his pursuit of living the modern man's American dream, Sam made the transition form fashion and finance to interiors and creative services.  

Having been a bit of a photog in his early years and inspired by trade glossies and other photographers, Sam sought to hone his skills and in turn developed a love of photography and capturing the beauty in al things.  His own family life coupled witha life rich with memories of food, family, and festivities laid the foundation for Today's Nest.

Andrew Yenne

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Andrew is our resident mixologist.  In addition to some of his amazing cocktail creations, he also shares information and general ramblings about music and travel.


Tonia Bozeman

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Bio coming soon...

Lola the Bird

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Lola is all of us.  She is a hip chickadee just trying to get the most out of life while she creates a great life for her family.  Lola loves her kids, food, and an occasional cocktail.  

As you might imagine, her nest if very important to her so she keeps it extra neat and stylish.  She is as resourceful as she is crafty which makes her the perfect DIYer.


We are always on the prowl for new contributors.  Our contributors provide no less than one article per month on a variety of topics.  Do you think you have a point of view that fits with Today's Nest? Already write a blog but could use some extra exposure?  Contact us with your ideas.  Let's connect.