Budgeting with Cash Envelopes (revisited)

Sometimes we pour ourselves into these posts... struggling with the placement of every spoon and dusting away crumbs (unless we want them there)... and then, NOTHING.  No comments, no buzz.  On the other hand, sometimes we toss together a post with little concern for how it will be received.  Instead, we just put out something that we think is important to share and that somebody might find useful.  Often times, these are posts about something we do in our own home that has been successful.  And then, it EXPLODES.  

budgeting cash envelopes revisited todaysnest.jpg

That is the case with this revisited post.  This is a method we started years ago to keep ourselves on track.  It's so simple that you can't believe it works!  When we put this post out we had only been blogging for a few months, but something changed.  A few sites got ahold of it and it spread like wildfire.  I think it has something to do with people wanting to control their finances, plus the free printable didn't hurt matters.  At any rate, I hope you enjoy the original post Today's Money: Budgeting with Cash Envelopes.