Nest Chat Summary June 2012


Wednesday night was another fun-filled #NestChat event.  Many new faces showed up and we were lucky to be joined by Taste of Home magazine.  There was a tremendous amount of sharing.  We have saved all the links and tips in the following summary transcript.

Each time we have a chat I learn something new.  For example, @nycmartini suggests freezing blackberries to use as ice in your pinot grigio.  I also came across a link of making popcorn on the grill.  Who knew?!  There’s so much to share and this is a great way to get some new information. 

If you joined in… thank you so much for participating.  If not, we hope you will join us next month.  Our July chat will be Wednesday, July 18 at 8pE 7pC.

Still no Giada yet, but I won't stop asking until she joins us... just once.

@ChandaSeymour - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest Thank you, thank you. So many new recipes to try! 

@todaysnest - May your star shine brightly til we meet again… 

@ChandaSeymour - Great chat. Have a good night everyone. My blog is at 

@tasteofhome - @baking91HYPERLINK ""1 It was awesome to chat with you!

@SeptemberAcres - Thanks for hosting @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest It was a fun, informative hour! 

@houseofannie - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest thx for the chat everyone. See you next time! Come visit our House of Annie food and travel blog 

@todaysnest - We hope you have enjoyed tonight's chat. If you did, bring a friend to our next chat on Wed 7/18 8pE 7pC.#nestchat

@thedailybasics - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnesHYPERLINK ""t I am so sorry! I just finished feeding my clan - I will look at the transcript! DARN!!!!! 

@KarenVanZant - My blog is Nice to meet everyone! 

@LaFamigliaM - Kale chips with lime and coriander 

@todaysnest - There will be a summary of this chat on our site tomorrow. You have 2 more hours to submit relevant links to be included. 

@SeptemberAcres - My blog is: I do all things home-decorating, recipes, etc. Come visit! 

@todaysnest -ONE MILLION thanks to our very special guest co-host @HYPERLINK ""tasteofhome magazine. Go follow them if you're not already! #

@todaysnest - Also… we want to know your summer simple pleasures. Tag your pics/instagrams with #HYPERLINK ""SavourLife to get in our weekly roundup post. 

@tasteofhome - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest Thanks so much for having us!!! It's been fun 

@LaFamigliaM - Thank you...short but sweet :) 

@todaysnest - We're on FB, YouTube, pinterest . Our site 

@TheGoodwillGal - @todaysnest See you there! 

@todaysnest - …plus go follow some new folks you met tonight. 

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@tasteofhome - Caprese Chicken with Bacon? Everything's better with bacon right? 

@todaysnest - Didn't get your link in? Don't worry.You have 2 hrs after the chat ends to submit relavant links to go in tomorrow's summary post. 

@TheGoodwillGal - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest I had a wonderful time! Congratulations 

@nycmartini - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest Wow. Thank you! 

@todaysnest -Congratulations, @HYPERLINK ""nycmartini! DM us your shipping information after the chat. 

@todaysnest - Our time is nearly up. Time to announce the Word of the Day winner. The word is… *sparklers* and the winner is @HYPERLINK ""nycmartini

@ChandaSeymour - A8: Caprese. My last tweet by the way was for A7. Getting so confused. 

@tasteofhome - A crisp side salad is great too!httpHYPERLINK ""://HYPERLINK ""t.coHYPERLINK ""/YUAzZbK3

@chicmodern - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest I love cucumbers, tomatoes & purple onion w/ an Italian dressing chilled SIMPLE 

@SeptemberAcres - Q8-Love corn on the cob in the summer. Can't get enough of it around here. And simple fruit salads. 

@ChandaSeymour - A6: Not Patio per se, but great outdoor eye candy.httpHYPERLINK "":// Need to add to it. 

@ajyenne - A8: @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest can't beat a fresh caprese salad!...walks to fridge 

@tasteofhome - Kansas Cucumber Salad is a super cool addition to any summer meal. 

@todaysnest - A8: Just found this Nat King Cole Slaw from@tasteofhome 

@LaFamigliaM - Has to be tomato and cucumber With olive oil and basalmic and dried oregano. Sorry on my I phone 

@mom4everandever - I love making a fresh greek yogurt mix with juice- mandarin orange is delicious 

@TheGoodwillGal - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest Q8: Pasta salads are my fave.#nestchat

@houseofannie - @todaysnest Q8 We love this Chopped Mexican Salad #recipe 

@SeptemberAcres - A7-Summer or winter in Arizona & our patio furniture is out and in use so no real changes. 

@mom4everandever - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest a8 i love grabbing greens from the garden chopping some peppers and tomatoes and drizzling fresh mandarin orange juice 

@tasteofhome - #nestchat A8: Grilled veggies are great. They’re quick, easy and healthy! Just brush with olive oil, season, and grill!

@ChandaSeymour - A7: Herb garden on my balcony. 

@LaFamigliaM - Hi! Did I make it??? #HYPERLINK ""Nestchat

@nycmartini - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest A8. Arugula with watermelon & goat cheese. 

@todaysnest - A8: This creamy Summer Vegetable Salad looks perfect to me! 

@tasteofhome - Check out our strawberry board before the season is over! 

@todaysnest - Q8: Summer is all about fresh! Tell us about your favorite fresh summer sides/salads.

@coryanneettiene - Must wave goodbye to #HYPERLINK ""NestChat so I can prepare for the #HYPERLINK ""BySandraLee chat -- great conversation, lovely chatting w/you all. Thanks Sam!

@chicmodern - @todaysnest

@SorchaCaroll - Q6 Live at the beach. In SoCal that means I'm trying to get warm! 

@tasteofhome - This is a great book for Summer Slow Cooker recipes! 

@reneedobbs - @todaysnest My Plants & Flowers #Pinterestboard #NestChat

@todaysnest - Our patio/garden board 

@ajyenne - @HYPERLINK ""ChandaSeymour make my own, buy them, as long as they are cold and sweet! i'm loving @HYPERLINK ""goodpop right now hibiscus lime popsicle! 

@todaysnest -Who has @HYPERLINK ""pinterest boards to share for patio/garden inspiration? 

@TheGoodwillGal - @todaysnest I've added curtains from#Goodwill to my gazebo. Blocks the harsh rays in Az. perfectly.#nestchat

@chicmodern - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest Not too much this year. I have trees that need to be cut down so we tend to use the front porch#nestchat

@nycmartini - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest No patio here but aunt & uncle purchased a new home so we r getting group gift of new patio furniture.

@todaysnest - A7: We just added this hanging bar to our patio to go with the table we made last year 

@ModernCW - I use my slow cooker and grill when the weather gets warm! 

@mom4everandever - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest q7 we put out the chairs and cushions, the picnic table is set out 

@tasteofhome - @todaysnest@ChandaSeymour Did someone say Popsicles? 

@todaysnest - Q7: What changes are you making to your patio for the summer season? 

@mom4everandever - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest: q6 we grill alot or use the foreman inside to keep cool 

@mom4everandever - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnesHYPERLINK ""t: q6 not lucky enough to live near beach- you make due 

@baking911 - Q6 Plenty of microwaveable food and no bake desserts! 

@TheGoodwillGal - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest Q6: During the day, (110 temps) close curtains, make this snack bar & watch movies. #nestchat

@coryanneettiene - Heaven sent & in a glass.... perfect! RT@ajyenne@HYPERLINK ""coryanneettiene sounds like you need a cocktail!httpHYPERLINK ""://HYPERLINK ""t.coHYPERLINK ""/Wm5N3gNr

@tasteofhome - Slow Cookers are great to beat the heat in the kitchen. A cool kitchen and dinners ready to eat!httpHYPERLINK ""://HYPERLINK ""t.coHYPERLINK ""/CcD0x1Rn

@mom4everandever - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest q6 do heaviest, hardest things in morning, they have indoor activities during day and play at neighbors pool inevening

@KarenVanZant - A6: Lots of water & AC!

@coryanneettiene - Lots of home made frozen goodies from the kitchen RT @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest: Q6: How do you keep cool during the summer? What about the kids? 

@nycmartini - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest Beach mostly.  I also love water parks.

@ChandaSeymour - A6: Popsicles! 

@chicmodern - @HYPERLINK ""houseofannie I don't use my dryer much either I hang to dry 

@tasteofhome - We’re capturing the flavors of summer in jars with fresh strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry jams!httpHYPERLINK ""://HYPERLINK ""t.coHYPERLINK ""/HYPERLINK ""aYFgPFcI

@todaysnest - Q6: How do you keep cool during the summer? What about the kids? 

@todaysnest - Not only does it save money... nothing but NOTHING compares to the smell of line dried clothes!

@houseofannie -@HYPERLINK ""todaysnest we don't have a dryer. Everything is hung up outside. 

@ShelleyCHolmes - Line dry AFTER the pollen is over and done with!  SAVES tons of money!

@mom4everandever - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest I line dry and love it 

@coryanneettiene - And is keeps it running longer w/o needing to repair it @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest: Tip: A full fridge is easier to cool. Keep it stocked.

@ShelleyCHolmes - Key to save energy is running AC LONG before apt/home gets hot! Same applies in winter @HYPERLINK ""reneedobbs

@todaysnest - How about line drying? Who's doing it?

@tasteofhome - Looking for some safe sparkler cuteness? Check these out

@ShelleyCHolmes - Q5 When sun has passed, open the drapes#NestChat!

@todaysnest - Tip: A full fridge is easier to cool. Keep it stocked. 

@ShelleyCHolmes - Q5 Sunny side windows ESP in this heat, I draw the drapes early 

@tasteofhome - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest Plan ahead! Open your fridge once & get what you need instead of making multiple trips!

@mom4everandever - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest c q5 close off vents and close doors in rooms not using 

@todaysnest - A5: Here are some terrific tips from Consumer Energy Center 

@mom4everandever - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest: q5 plant lots of trees, use dark out drapes where there is too much sun cming in, unplug

@baking911 -  I'm going to order it! Canning/Preserving issue Looks fab! @HYPERLINK ""tasteofhome

@debracar7 - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest Best advice is to switch off A/C when you leave home/office :-) 

@houseofannie - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest Q5 hang out at the mall as much as possible and use up their air conditioning

@TheGoodwillGal - @todaysnest My Summer Entertaining w/#Goodwill Brd! Ck out the Patriotic cowboy boot centerpiece#nestchat

@SeptemberAcres - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest Use the grill a lot. Keep blinds closed during the day. 

@DianeGottsman - Family BBQ w/ family and friends:) RT@todaysnest: Q4: July 4th is coming soon… What are your plans?

@ChandaSeymour - A4: Fireworks if I can see them through the fog. 

@coryanneettiene - I have plans to become the Canning Queen in Seattle, can't wait 2 read @HYPERLINK ""tasteofhome Canning/Preserving issue 

@baking911 - Q5. Keeping the a/c off in rooms not being used. 

@chicmodern - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest We don't do much of decorating the table & whatnot, We just EAT! 

@SorchaCaroll - Q4 Prolly hiding from the horde of tourists that descends on my part of town... 

@todaysnest - Q5: Watching your light bill soar? What tips do you have to keep summer energy costs under control? 

@coryanneettiene - sorry I am late the party @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest -- moving is really cramping my social life ;-) #

@tasteofhome - We have some great 4th of July recipes waiting on Pinterest #nestchat

@todaysnest - We love these recycled denim placemats we made for last year's celebration 

@reneedobbs - Yes, I try to go see some each year on the 4th RT @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest: Fireworks anyone?

@coryanneettiene - If you are waiting for the #HYPERLINK ""BySandraLeeparty to begin, pop over & visit @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest and the taking place right now -- fun chat!

@KarenVanZant - A4 Going to Nashville to spend time with friends for my birthday- planning on eating a LOT of food while there! :) 

@nycmartini - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest I love sparklers.

@SeptemberAcres - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest We can see them from our driveway so we sit out there and avoid the crowds!

@ajyenne - A4: our 4th usually consists of a water ballon fight, grilled meats and a bomb pop! 

@todaysnest - What patriotic crafts / tabletop / décor have you been pinning? Share your boards. 

@SorchaCaroll -  I'm Sorcha & my favorite summer fruit is peaches.

@todaysnest - Fireworks anyone? 

@SeptemberAcres - A4- Sit by the pool all day and put something yummy on the grill at night. Not sure what yet. I'm sure I'll get ideas tonight! 

@houseofannie - Q4 probably working that day (not a holiday in Malaysia). So will do the grillout thing on July 1#nestchat

@baking911 - Q4. Spending time with family! 

@TheGoodwillGal - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest Q4: I'll be trying to stay cool in this Az. heat. 

@chicmodern - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest Q4 Spending time w/ family & relaxing

@arecipejunkie -  @todaysnest gonna work on a pie recipe ;)

@nycmartini - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest A4. We were supposed to go camping. I have no idea now. 

@baking911 -  Grilled corn on the cob w/ Cotija cheese 

@tasteofhome - Brats, burgers, hot dogs, ribs! We’re going all out this year! 

@houseofannie - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest I've never done canning before. We've only frozen our summer bounty. 

@tasteofhome - Want to learn more about canning? Pick up a copy of Taste of Home’s Canning & Preserving special issue!#nestchat

@ChandaSeymour - A3: I've been thinking about taking a workshop. Very popular here in SF. 

@todaysnest - Q4: July 4th is coming soon… What are your plans? 

@KarenVanZant - Canning- something I plan on tackling this summer, I've never done it before! 

@nycmartini - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest A3. Never tried it.

@SeptemberAcres - A3- No canning here. Sadly, we just don't get enough good produce to have anything left to can. Would love to!#HYPERLINK ""arizona

@tasteofhome - #nestchat A3: Definitely canning up some Jalapeno Bread & Butter pickles! Love that sweet / hot combo!

@todaysnest - A3: @tasteofhome I love this Garden Tomato Relish on your site… 

@todaysnest - Nobody knows the subject more than Ball. Here's a link to their site

@chicmodern - Surf & Tuft grilled w/ tons of sauce for dipping 

@todaysnest - Sounds GOOD! RT @reneedobbs: A2. Sweet Tea Brined Pork Tenderloin (grilled)

@TheGoodwillGal - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest Q3: With the help of my mom, I'm canning tomatoes. 

@todaysnest - Q3: Who's canning this summer? What's going in your jars? 

@reneedobbs - A2. Sweet Tea Brined Pork Tenderloin (grilled) 

@todaysnest - Right?! I thought that too. RT@ChandaSeymour@HYPERLINK ""todaysnest Will have to try the popcorn on the grill! 

@ChandaSeymour - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest Will have to try the popcorn on the grill! 

@tasteofhome - Looking for ideas #nestchat check out of Home Best of Summer Recipes for great grilling options!

@ajyenne - A2 can't beat grilled garlic lime shrimp and a New York Strip for surf n'turf 

@houseofannie - @todaysnest Q2 Here's our grilled "Huli Chicken" #recipe 

@arecipejunkie -  Q2: Surf!! and my grilling fav is my father's Adobo Salmon. Just 2 ingredients to HEAVEN #nestchat

@SeptemberAcres - A2- Surf, for sure. No links, but love salmon on the grill w/ EVOO and cajun seasoning. Super simple. 

@todaysnest - A2: @TweetKingsford has an excellent resource 

@TheGoodwillGal - @HYPERLINK ""tasteofhome Page 20, has been dog eared. I'll report back. 

@KarenVanZant - A2 I'm basically a novice at grilling- looking forward to checking out some ideas! 

@tasteofhome - All American Burgers are a sure people pleaser 

@todaysnest - A2: How about these Grilled Mushrooms via@tasteofhome 

@TheGoodwillGal - RT @HYPERLINK ""TheGoodwillGal@HYPERLINK ""todaysnest Q1: I can't seem to keep cherries around long enough to make a dish with them! 

@debracar7 - A2Steaks love it!!! 

@nycmartini - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest A2. Just turf. Too many in our family are allergic to surf. 

@houseofannie - @todaysnest Q1 I made peach and plum granitas 

@KarenVanZant - @todaysnest true! I made this no-bake fruit tart recently! 

@SeptemberAcres - A1-I really like my fruit by itself - maybe a fruit salad. Or pie! 

@tasteofhome - Gotta love mangos too! They’re so sweet and juicy! We love to enjoy them in this simple smoothie 

@baking911 -  I like to roast strawberries with balsamic vinegar! 

@todaysnest -  Q2: Surf or Turf… What's your grilling specialty? Got links? 

@chicmodern - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest Q1 For strawberries I love smoothies & peaches I love a good cobbler 

@tasteofhome - @HYPERLINK ""TheGoodwillGal You'll want to try the Huli Huli chicken it's to die for! 

@KarenVanZant - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest A1 I usually don't do much to fruit- it's great as it is! Will add to salads, or make a fruit tart!

@todaysnest - A1: Chili Lime Fruit Cup is our favorite for summer fruit… 

@baking911 -  Love to make Peach or fruit Galettes.#Nestchat

@tasteofhome - @ChandaSeymour Check out this awesome salad! Excellent on a hot day 

@todaysnest - Q1: Lets talk summer fruit. How do you use them for your summer recipes? Whats your favorite way to enjoy the summer bounty? 

@nycmartini - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest We Freeze blackberries & put them in our Pinot gringo as ice. 

@reneedobbs - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest A1. Most of the time I like fresh fruit as is & let the flavor from nature stand on its own.

@ChandaSeymour - I saw this today. Yum!

 @TheGoodwillGal - @HYPERLINK ""tasteofhome June/July 2012! Just took the sleeve off yesterday! 

@chicmodern - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest Hello! I'm Tonia & my favorite Summer fruits are Peaches & Strawberries 

@arecipejunkie -  I'm Michelle {A Recipe Junkie} Lover of Strawberries! I bring these Gorgonzola Cream w/ Strawberries Toast 

 @todaysnest - Q1: Let's talk summer fruit. How do you use them for your summer recipes? What's your favorite way to enjoy the summer bounty? #

@ChandaSeymour - My fav summer fruit: Nectarines 

@todaysnest - Don't forget our Word of the Day! The 1st to use this *ultra secret* word will win a Today's Nest prize pack.#nestchat

@SeptemberAcres - I'm Debra. My favorite summer fruit is raspberries#nestchat

@tasteofhome - Here are 10 more ways to enjoy these ruby gems 

@ajyenne - I'm andrew yenne, musician and today's nest resident mixologist, my favorite summer fruit is blackberries!

@TheGoodwillGal - Love @tasteofhome mag, having it sitting on desk as we tweet! #nestchat

@nycmartini - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest Hi! Mine is cherries. 

@arecipejunkie -  RT @HYPERLINK ""tasteofhome: Here @HYPERLINK ""tasteofhome we love summer berries!  Strawberry Ice on a hot day

@todaysnest - I'm Sam. Editor of Today's Nest and host for tonight's chat. I love WATERMELON! 

@KarenVanZant - #HYPERLINK ""nestchat I'm Karen, a food blogger & future culinary student! Fave summer fruit, probably peaches!

@tasteofhome - Here @tasteofhome we love summer berries!#NestChat Strawberry Ice on a hot day

@todaysnest - Our cocktail tonight is the Cocktail of the Month: Cardamom Berry Smash from fellow Nester@ajyenne

@reneedobbs - @HYPERLINK ""todaysnest I'm Renee & my favorite summer fruit is blueberries.

@baking911 -  I am Sarah Phillips from I love peaches!

@arecipejunkie - My favorite summer fruit has to be strawberries :)#nestchat What's yours?

@TheGoodwillGal -  I'm The Goodwill Gal and I luvvvvv cherries!

@todaysnest -  …and a HUGE welcome to our special guest co-host @HYPERLINK ""tasteofhome magazine! So happy to have them! 

@nella22 -  #nestchat Hello! I'm Marnely, food blogger over at Cooking with Books and my favorite summer fruit...does corn count!?

@todaysnest - Let's get started by introducing yourself. Who are you… and tell us… what's your favorite summer fruit? 

@todaysnest - Welcome to the June edition of NestChat. We're so glad you're here! Take a moment to invite a friend!