Summer Living: Berry Sweet Morning


It's morning in the berry fields at  Remlinger Farms  in Carnation, Washington and the raspberries are ripe for the picking! My rock star nieces, Jade and Adele join me in the field.


 Grab a berry crate and come along on our storybook U-Pick adventure!

After all, picking berries is almost a rite of childhood... stained fingers and lips and the promise of delicious homemade jam. Some of us never outgrow it!


So, we make the most of our morning at this pastoral, family owned farm, by setting up a stylish berry picking picnic. The DIY set up is simple to recreate. Here’s the how-to:

We pitch a Pottery Barn picnic basket and bandanna blanket, sewn from dollar store bandannas. You can check out the DIY  her!

The berry farm picnic also features "no sew" napkins, cut from a pretty mix of fabric store clearance remnants.


Our spread includes a simple raspberry red refreshment made of purchased lemonade and a quick fresh raspberry mash, swirled in to create a gorgeous and delicious drink!

I served the raspberry lemonade in inexpensive plastic cups but who would know; when they’re dressed up with fun labels, press on letters and straws.

Hey, a girl can work up a thirst, plucking berries in the summer sun.

And she can never have too many striped straws!


Refreshed, we wander the seemingly endless rows looking for the ripe red jewels. I bring along a wee, checkered lined basket for small hands which proudly show off the fruits of their labor. All in all, we make a nice haul at Remlinger Farms.


 Our storybook morning has another sweet ending… my homemade lemon scones!  I tuck them into cute craft store envelopes with a country twist.

The scones are oozing with raspberry jam and a generous dollop of honey-citrus mascarpone.


 Much fuss, perhaps, over a flat…soon to be a quart of homemade jam (recipe here) , but this U-Pick summer adventure is about more than picking beautiful berries.

It’s about making sweet childhood memories and indulging in this berry pie slice… of Americana.


Written and styled by lifestyle specialist, Monica Hart of La Famiglia Design.

All photos by Stefanie Knowlton. See more of her work at Stefanie Knowlton Photography