Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Sunday!

I told you last Sunday that I had fallen into a rut and managed to work my way out. That was partly incorrect. I did make my way out, but about mid-week I had a complete breakthrough and realized that I had only thought I was out of the rut. Now, I truly was... and in rare form. With my biorhythms peaking and a new clarity, I got to work sorting out the details of my new site. It's not quite right yet, but I am anxious to share it with you.

Last week was a true rarity in Dallas, one full week of moderate summer temperatures (might have been partly responsible for my mood boost). I fear that is behind us now and it will be on to soaring temperatures in the next day or two. Not to worry, I have plenty to keep me busy indoors and a shaved ice vendor just down the street.

I find that my wrap up often centers around a common theme, but this week there is no such thread. My week shifted dramatically from travel plans to a luau party to looking for inspiration for new projects. I was all over the interwebs this week... as evidenced below. 

savour... a cool summer breeze

Macaron Kit & Set with Decomax Pen & Baking Sheet - by Lékué. I love macarons. They are perfect little bites. Making them can be a challenging. If you want to give it a go, increase your odds for success by getting this kit. The mat alone will point you in the right direction. The squeeze applicator is a bonus.

2 Australian Gourmet Traveller Magazine - I cannot say enough good things about this magazine. I finally downloaded the current issue (shown above) and have poured over every recipe and image. It's stunning. I don't know if you can purchase the print version anywhere in the US, but it is available digitally for iPad. They do offer a print subscription, but shipping from Australia makes it expensive by US magazine standards.

3 Sara's Market & Bakery - Sorry. This one is for locals. If you are in the Dallas area and looking for Middle Eastern foods, this is the place to be. Everything you could need for your middle eastern culinary journey and the best, fresh-baked pita in DFW. It's no secret that I make/eat ridiculous amounts of pita and hummus. This place feeds my habit. If you're not in Dallas, but love Middle Eastern food be sure to check out the recipe section on their site for the classics.

4 Declan White Pendant Lamp - I was looking for dishes for an upcoming holiday spread and stumbled upon this. One thing is certain, Crate & Barrel gets basics. This simple white pendant lamp is perfect for so many designs. It would fit as easily into a modern space as it would a farm style kitchen. It's reasonably priced and super stylish.

5 Ukulele - This is going to seem nuts to some, but I am crazy for the ukulele... increased by my trip to the Big Island last summer. There is something so fun about the sound. It almost dares you to be melancholy. Last week I was working out the details of a luau party article that I begin producing this week. A litte uke music gave me all the inspiration I needed. Want to have your mind blown? Check out this video by Jake Shimabukuro - Third Stream. He is a ukelele god.