TN at HGTV: Halloween Pet Costumes

I am back this week with another installment of Halloween 2014 projects I completed for HGTV. This week it is pet costumes. This project was bittersweet. It was so much fun to create, but about halfway through the process my dog/friend/model passed away. She was a great pet who lived a very long life. In her place we have Roxie. She's spunky and fun and was a very agreeable model *mostly*.

The first look is a jester costume. Once I had the math down, it was fairly easy to create. Fortunately for you, the math is already done and the project has downloadable templates. The second of the costumes was even easier to make and super fun. A quick trip to the thrift store and less than an hour of sewing is all you need.

Dog's Jester Costume by Sam Henderson of Today's Nest for HGTV.
Dog's Busines Man Costume by Sam Henderson of Today's Nest for HGTV

To get the full project including step by step photo instructions and the templates visit Dog Jester Costume and Dog Business Man Costume at