TN at HGTV: Candy Corn Inspiration

People are on the fence about candy corn. I find it similar to the way people feel about olives, although I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't like olives. Nevertheless, groups of people often seem to be divided between the 'likes' and the 'like nots'. I often pretend that I don't like candy corn... touting that it's 'nothing but sugar' or 'crappy kid candy', but the truth is, if left alone with a bag of candy corn I can do a frightening amount of damage.

For your Halloween fix today, I have two new ideas over at HGTV. Strangely neither of these projects actually include candy corn... only candy corn inspiration. However, I must admit that I personally ate every single sugary kernel in the first photo (spread out over time, of course. I took the photo in April.)

Visit for the full project including lots more step by step photos and all the necessary templates to do it yourself. Just click the photo or the link below. If you tackle them, drop me a line and let me know how it went.

Candy Corn Brownies - these brownies are super simple and delicious. The chocotatey brownie is fairly straight-forward. What makes them even better is the icing and sugar which forms a sweet crunchy shell. Note: the secret to making even, dense brownies is making sure the chocolate cools before adding to the rest of the mixture.

Candy Corn Piñata - It's easier than it looks, I promise. The base of the piñata is made from posterboard (templates included in article). The rest is newspaper strips, flour and water, and some tissue paper. You can do it. This could be the big hit of your Halloween party.