Modern Makeover: DIY Plexi Backsplash

Despite best efforts to choose just the right place, renters are often stuck with a kitchen that doesn't quite match up with their design aesthetic. Recently HGTV contacted me about creating a removable, usable backsplash solution that would allow people to change it if they wish. Renters were at top of mind, but this solution is perfect for anyone who wants an inexpensive update and the ability to change their mind without breaking the bank.

The pattern is provided here by way of upholstery fabric, but it could also be done with a great paper or wallpaper, too. With acrylic sheeting and clear silicon caulk, the pattern is protected while providing a shot of personality to an otherwise boring space.

For the full instructions and step by step photos, visit Upgrade Your Kitchen With a Budget DIY Backsplash

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