Making Your Nest a Little Better

I will be making some changes around here over the next few weeks... tidying up the Nest as it were. The first thing to go is subscriber updates via Feedburner. There's nothing wrong with Feedburner, but I use MailChimp for newsletters and I only recently realized that I could use it for RSS feeds, too. 

What does that mean for you? Well, if you are currently subscribed to the newsletters then nothing but good news for you. Beginning this week, you will receive a once (weekly) update via MailChimp with all of the most recent articles. 

If you are also subscribed to the RSS feeds through Feedburner you will get duplicates through Monday. At which point I will be turning off the RSS feed connection at Feedburner. Lastly, if you are ONLY subscribed to the RSS feeds through Feedburner you will need to subscribe to the newsletters to continue to get Today's Nest updates. You can do that here or on the left.

I think you will agree that this new format is easier to view and hopefully getting just one update per week will be better than once a day... when I'm doing that many.

Comments or questions? Shoot me an email.

Sam Henderson