Nest Essentials: Pears 101

Pears are a delicious ingredient for cooking or baking and make a great snack all on their own. Originating in Europe and Asia, they have been part of our world’s culinary culture for centuries. They were sacred in Greek mythology to Hera and Aphrodite and were revered as a ‘gift from the gods’ in Homer’s Odyssey.

The destruction of a pear tree in Chinese culture once symbolized a tragic death. The word fen li in Chinese means both to share a pear” and “to separate” making it bad luck to share a pear in China as it may lead to separation of friends or lovers.

I feel as though pears sometimes get passed by in our produce sections for the more popular apple. Pears can be misunderstood and require a little more care… but they’re worth it. Knowing how to handle them is the beginning. Below is an infographic I created to help you along on your pear journey.

savour… sacred fruit

Pear infographic by Sam Henderson of Today's Nest

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